Network Survivability 2015

Workshop: Network Survivability in the Cyber Security Context

June 15-16, 2015, Berlin

The Core Elements of Network Survivability

The workshop will be held on June 15-16, 2015, in Berlin, Germany. The Network Survivability Workshop focuses on application of the military concept of "Mission Survivability" to computer network survivability in the context of cyber security.


Speaking in military jargon, the network survivability is defined as the ability to remain operable after a cyber attack, while retaining the four core aspects of survivability:

There is no clear prioritisation of the four elements; this will depend on the characteristics and role of the computer network. Some network types, such as non-critical social media networks, minimise their susceptibility and may, to some extent, compromise in the other areas. Present day solutions tend to aim for a balanced combination of all four areas.

Targeted Audience

Workshop attendees include cyber security professionals and system administratords from government agencies, public and private entities. The workshop pursues multidisciplinary approach - among attendees are:

The trend we see now is migration of military survivability concept into all information seciurity aspects of enterprise, business, marketing and social media domains. The ultimate concept of a mission survivability is built on the same principles, along the same major objectives and functionality both for military and civilian cybe security establishments.

A special session will be devoted to Hadoop-based platform for Big Data analysis of critical survivability-related parameters.